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Aide-Vision, asbl

Aide-Vision, asbl- Goma, Democratc Republic of Congo.
Aide-Vision is a non-profit organization providing eye care services in Goma, Eastern DR Congo, Africa. Faith Christian Chapel, as Dr. Nancy Herbster’s home church, sent Nancy as a missionary to help with eye care in the DR Congo. Nancy went to be with the Lord in early 2016. We as a church continue to support this ministry financially, help with collection, sorting and packing of equipment and supplies, and receive donations from others for the work of Aide-Vision, asbl in Goma.
Aide-Vision, asbl
P.O. Box 455, Gisenyi, Rwanda
Phone: +243 998 669 818, +243 990 366 169

Dr. Nancy Herbster
                      Dr. Nancy Herbster


Aide-Vision, asbl:


Our Vision

The vision of Aide-Vision is to:

  • Protect and improve physical vision; that is eye care and everything needed to see better.

  • Protect and improve spiritual vision; which is knowledge of God through the Saviour Jesus Christ and the Bible.


Our Mission

The mission of Aide-Vision is to to achieve its objectives through the following actions:

  • Training of people who will provide eye care.

  • Educate the public about visual needs and problems through seminars, conferences, media and publications.

  • Screening for visual problems in schools, churches, health centers and other public places.

  • Make necessary visual aids available to the population at an affordable price.

  • Develop centers and/or mobile services to meet the visual needs of the population in the more remote areas.

  • Encourage people in the knowledge of the Bible, the Christian life and evangelism.

  • Collaborate with other partners that pursue the same goals as those of Aide-Vision.

  • Identify funds, materials, equipment and human resources to accomplish the goals of Aide-Vision.

  • Undertake any other action that the association considers relevant to the achievement of its objectives.